Simon Cowell Ready for Kids?

April 24, 2008 By:
Simon Cowell Ready for Kids?

Could Simon Cowell finally be ready to settle down with his longtime girlfriend Terri Seymour and start a family? We highly doubt it!

Cowell good friend, PR guru, Max Clifford joked that Simon is not only ready for kids, but he has baby names picked out already.

Clifford said, "I had a chat with Simon the other day and he said he was going to call his first son Max, after me. It's very flattering."

"I'll probably have to wait until I'm 100 to see if Simon will keep his promise. It's very kind of him, though," Clifford added.

Simon has already ruled out any possibility of having kids because he's 'too committed' to work. He recently said, "There are some things that you have to sacrifice. You can't have everything."

"My shows, my work, are my babies. I put the same amount of care and attention into them as you would a child."

Hey kids aren't for everyone--and that’s one less celebrity kid in rehab. Stick to what works Simon!