Simon Cowell Pays Off His Ex-Girlfriends

September 26, 2011 By:
Simon Cowell Pays Off His Ex-Girlfriends

Simon Cowell pays off his girlfriends when he's done with them. What!? Is this like hush money? Like, hey I'm breaking up with you, don't tell anyone I wear a v-neck sweater even when we're having sex, how does a million dollars sound to you?

Actually no, Simon Cowell is kind of a good dude and pays his ex-girlfriends when they break up so they can maintain the same quality of life they had with him. He thinks his ex girlfriends are so used to having money while they were with him, that he doesn't want to financially cut them off cold turkey.

It's probably what it would be like to date a call girl, I'm sure Charlie Sheen has a lot of experience here. They can probably swap stories or something.

“You can't have somebody in your life who's become accustomed to a certain thing and, just because you don't want to be in a relationship any more, say to them, 'no, everything is cut off,” says Cowell.

Cowell has dated women like the singer Sinitta, “TV Host” Terri Seymour, and his current fiancé “make-up artist” Mezhgan Hussainy. I use “air-quotes” because you know they dropped their careers once they became Simon Cowell's main squeeze.

Currently, Simon Cowell is hoping to make his new show “The X Factor” the number one priority in his life and hopes it will bulldoze the competition.

“You don't compete for the silver or the bronze, you may not get the gold, but you die trying. It's definitely going to be better than the other show,” he's stated.

Well, try explaining that to viewers. The X-Factor debuted last week to 12.5 million viewers which is less than half the people that tuned into the Season 9 premiere of “Two and A Half Men” and it's less than the number of people who watched “American Idol's” Season 10 premiere last year.

12.5 million viewers is in the same ballpark as the numbers that watched the April premiere of NBC's “The Voice” and nobody even knew what that show was. Blake Shelton? Who?

But let's be real, how do you explain the X-Factor to someone? Is it American Idol? No. Is it The Voice? No. Is it America's Got Talent. Hell no. Then what is it? I have no idea, but they have helicopters in their commercials…so…

However, since Simon's departure from American Idol he says he's not that impressed with the new judging panel additions of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

“It's not my cup of tea,” he adds.