Simon Cowell Organizing Charity Album to Aid Haiti

January 21, 2010 By:
Simon Cowell Organizing Charity Album to Aid Haiti

Simon Cowell has more money than he knows what to do with and a name that can open just about any door, so he's hoping to use his star power to raise some serious cash for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Cowell is determined to help aid relief in the Caribbean state, which has been ravaged by two earthquakes in the past eight days, leaving hundreds of thousands dead. So he decided this week that he's going to recruit an all star cast to record a charity album to raise money.

Speaking at the British National Television Awards (NTAs) last night, he told BANG Showbiz: "It's very, very short notice. We made the decision today, so I've got to get it all together in about 48 hours.

"It's going to feature as many people as possible. I haven't made up my mind on the song yet, I've got a couple of ideas. It will be a cover version, yeah."

So who's going to be on his album? Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke have already agreed and he's in the process of trying to recruit more stars from Europe and the US.

Simon added: "We've got about two or three days to put it together, some of it may have to be done in America. I literally haven't made any calls, but we've just decided - literally as many people as possible
"Whoever we've got available is going to be on the record."

Although Simon had no release date for the song, it is expected to be ready within a week. Way to go Simon!