Simon Cowell Narrows It Down to 32 on 'The X-Factor'

October 7, 2011 By:
Simon Cowell Narrows It Down to 32 on 'The X-Factor'

Well, only one of them can win that ridiculous $5 million grand prize, but a 1 in 32 chance isn't bad.

Thursday night, Simon Cowell named the top 32 contestants on The X Factor. There are four groups of eight performers that will be mentored by the show's judges next week. This is where the fun begins. Paula telling everyone they're wonderful, Nicole telling everyone to be more like her, and Simon asking everyone if he has the right amount of chest hair showing.

Everyone seems to think the X-Factor is way too inspired by American Idol, but there's actually another reality show Cowell drew inspiration from while filming X-Factor: Jersey Shore.

When Cowell scouted for talent, opening auditions in New Jersey, he said he hoped to find someone with the Snooki Factor.
"I thought it was genius, absolute genius," Cowell said about the GTL crew.

The Jersey Shore kids are a lot of things. Genius is kind of a stretch.

"And whether you like the show or not, these kids are suddenly big, big stars. They just make me laugh," Cowell explained.
And like all of us, Cowell seems fascinated by Snooki.

"In fact," Cowell revealed, "She recently came in to meet some people from my company. I would say they were more star struck by Snooki than anyone they've ever met in their lives," he said. "I mean, they were genuinely thrilled. They were taking pictures with her."
So that's pretty much why he decided to hold auditions in Jersey. Cowell admitted:

"That was the reason why I came to New Jersey: I wanted to find the next Snooki."

Bad news for everyone who actually tried to sing their guts out in Jersey. Who knew, all you had to do was wear some giant fuzzy boots and pee in a bush?

So did Simon find what he was looking for?

"Well, I found someone with attitude: Brian Bradley. And that's what we were looking for — my God we found it."

And yes, Brian made the final 32. I'm sure he's fist pumping his arms off. Here's a complete list of the 32 finalists and who will be mentoring them:

The Gals: Mentored by Simon Cowell

Caitlin Koch, Tora Woloshin,
Simone Battle,
Drew Ryniewicz,
Rachel Crow,
Jazzlyn Little,
Melanie Amaro,
Tiah Tolliver

The Guys: Mentored by L.A. Reid

Brennin Hunt,
Brian Bradley,
Skyelor Anderson,
Nick Voss,
Tim Cifers,
Phillip Lomax,
Marcus Canty,
Chris Rene

Groups: Mentored by Paula Abdul

Stereo Hogzz,
4 Shore,
The Brewer Boys,
Illusion Confusion,
The Anser

Over 30s: Mentored by Nicole Scherzinger:

Elaine Gibbs,
Tiger Budbill
,Leroy Bell,
James Kenney,
Josh Krajcik,
Krista Collins,
Dexter Haygood,
Stacey Francis.