Simon Cowell Looking for Real Life Glee Group

May 12, 2011 By:
Simon Cowell Looking for Real Life Glee Group

Everything Simon Cowell touches turns to gold. He made a fortune on 'American Idol' and the UK version of 'X-Factor', but he's pissed off he didn't come up with the concept of 'Glee'.

So what's a multi-millionaire to do? Create Glee 2.0. Simon is looking for “the real life 'Glee' to be on X-Factor.”

His bank account He's developed a soft spot for groups and choirs and hopes he can find a good one to monetize on during the US version of X-Factor.

He said: "Groups, groups, groups. Everything in pop music goes around in a circle. Just because there isn't a Spice Girls or a Destiny's Child or an N'Sync around now, it's time for a group like that again.”

"As a record company person - forget the show for a minute - there's a massive opportunity right now for a group of guys or girls.”

And Simon is hoping to find the next Spice Girls or N'Sync on his show. Double the commission.

"I want to find the next one of those. I'd like to find the real-life 'Glee', as well as the boy bands and the girl bands, choirs. I like choirs."

So if you were always Ginger when you got together with your friends, or are convinced you could sing better than Justin Timberlake, go ahead and grab a camera and record yourself.

If Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black started on YouTube-so can you.