Simon Cowell Is More Famous Than God

December 16, 2008 By:
Simon Cowell Is More Famous Than God

Move over God! You’ve been outfamed by none other than Simon Cowell! We wouldn’t necessarily put Cowell at the top of our list of who we think is the most famous, but he is to a bunch of young British children.

1600 British children under the age of ten were recently polled to see who they thought was the most famous person in the world was, and Cowell came in first.

He’s known better in the U.K. for hosting X Factor. Cowell even beat out the Queen of England and God himself for the top honors. And we thought American children watched too much TV!

We’re sure this isn’t going over well with many groups. It reminds us of when John Lennon told the people in 1966 that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. Who do you think would be named most famous in the U.S.?