Simon Cowell: I'm So Bored of American Idol

May 21, 2010 By:
Simon Cowell: I'm So Bored of American Idol

Poor Simon Cowell. The real reason he’s leaving American Idol after this season is because he’s bored!

He talked with Oprah about his exit, and told her, “After a while, you start to go on automatic pilot. Too many times, I was sitting there [at the judges’ table] bored. The audience deserves more than that … and I can’t hide when I’m bored.”


We supposed we can’t blame him, since he has been on the show for 9 seasons! That’s a long time! But we hope that boredom doesn’t carry over to his new show X Factor!

Simon explained to Oprah what he does enjoy about judging. “I actually like doing it, funny enough,” Simon said. “I remember Fantasia singing ‘Summertime,’ and for three minutes, I lost myself. I like the buzz it creates. You want to be part of something people are talking about. I love that feeling.”

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So what can we expect from the new show? It’ll be a little different from Idol.

“There’s no upper age limit,” he said. “Singing groups can enter the show. I have no idea whether it’s going to work or not, but I’ll put its success and failure on whether we can find a star.”

And one thing Simon does know is how to pick out real talent. “I do trust my judgment as somebody who can spot a potential star,” he said.

We have to admit we’re a little bored of Idol too! We’re anxious to see if X Factor becomes the new singing competition to watch!