Simon Cowell Finds Tracking Device on His Car

December 1, 2008 By:
Simon Cowell Finds Tracking Device on His Car

Another American Idol judge stalker may be on the loose. Just weeks after a stalker was found dead in front of Paula Abdul’s house, Simon Cowell finds a mysterious tracking device underneath his car.

Simon says he first became suspicious of someone following him after a motorcycle repeatedly showed up to places just minutes after he would arrive.

He then had his security team search his Bentley, and found a tracking device attached to the underside of the car.

Simon says he thinks he knows who did the deed, and he’s not happy about it. Simon says he plans on doing a full sweep of his home for other tracking devices.

Kind of creepy! But our only question is, who could possibly be that interested in what Simon Cowell is doing to follow him everywhere?