Simon Cowell Cries For The First Time On TV Ever

September 13, 2012 By:
Simon Cowell Cries For The First Time On TV Ever

If for some reason you don’t have cable, ears, hands, internet connection, or any idea what’s important in America, then you missed out on the premiere of “The X-Factor” last night where Britney Spears proved she has crazy facial expressions, Demi wowed us with her eloquence, LA Reid was chill as usual, and Simon Cowell CRIES!

At the very end of the marathon two-hour episode, the world was introduced to Jillian Jensen, a 19-year-old singer with a history of being bullied, a “stay strong” tattoo, and a voice that sounds like Joan Jett.

Anyways, she started crying during her song and all the judges were extremely moved with everyone in tears, except for Britney. Seriously, Britney was looking at everyone all confused like KFC just told her they ran out of dark meat.

But Simon, the stone fox that he is, had one lone tear running down the side of his face and after the girls performance, he told Demi, “For the first time in my life I lost it, first time ever.”

“I’ve never ever done that,” he said in shock.

Keep your eyes tuned to “The X Factor” for the girl who made Simon cry and check out her moving performance here: