Simon Cowell Considering Canceling 'The X Factor'

March 19, 2012 By:
Simon Cowell Considering Canceling 'The X Factor'

After teasing us for weeks on all the various pop stars that may be joining The X Factor, Simon Cowell is considering canceling the show all together.

Seriously, Simon? What is it? Are you hiring Britney Spears? Are you canceling the show!? Make up your mind!

Simon revealed that he’s already conceiving new shows to replace The X Factor and that he’s been having second thoughts ever since the show didn’t do as well in America as he publicly stated it would.

At the launch of Britain’s Got Talent, Simon said, “I’d rather fall off the cliff on numbers than deteriorate slowly. We have something in development which could replace The X Factor.”

Simon also reveals that The X Factor has already been on for 10 seasons in the UK, and Simon thinks 10 years is when most things jump the shark, “Most things in music, fashion or TV tend to be across a 10-year period. The great test of success is if you can transcend a decade.”

One improvement Simon would like to make to the X Factor if he keeps it, is eliminate the themed weeks, like when the contestants all sing Michael Jackson or Beatles songs. Thank goodness, every year on American Idol they do like a Lionel Richie week and personally I’m just super sick of it. How many rock-acoustic versions of “Hello” can we really handle?

Simon also wants to allow more singers on the X factor to do original material so that people will stop referring to the X Factor as a “karaoke show.”