Simon Cowell Announces New Show

June 7, 2010 By:
Simon Cowell Announces New Show

While receiving his two BAFTA Awards last night in London, Simon Cowell made a big announcement--he has another show in the works. Cha-ching!

Simon told the audience that he's planning on expanding his billion dollar empire to include World's Got Talent. That's a lot of talent!

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But this show is going to be different than his previous ones. There isn't going to be any judges.

He said, "We had a disaster attempting it once on Idol because we had 16 judges and everyone wanted to be me. The show would have to work without judges."

Who's going to judge all the talent? America? The UK? The World? Sounds like they still have some minor details to work out. What do you think about his new show and the fact that there won't be any judges? Will you watch it?