Lauren Silverman’s Longtime Instagram Obsession with Simon Cowell

August 9, 2013 By:
Lauren Silverman’s Longtime Instagram Obsession with Simon Cowell

So, Simon Cowell knocked up his best friend’s wife Lauren Silverman (why are we telling you this? You KNOW this!) and like we’ve come to assume, this wasn’t a recent affair…these two have been in love forever!

Here’s how we know:

In October 2011 Simon told the National Enquirer that she is “beautiful” and “brilliant” and should have her own reality show because she’s definitely better than those “tacky housewives.”

Mind you, Lauren was (supposedly) happily married to Andrew Silverman.

Then, on January 2013, right after Lauren and her hubby went on a joint vacation with Simon (weird, whatever), Lauren posted THIS mushy gushy message on Instagram.

Immediately after getting back from vacation, she published this quote and we’re supposed to believe it’s about her husband? The same husband she betrayed just a few months later and supposedly was “estranged from.”

Basically, anything Simon or Lauren said about the affair wasn’t true. Who goes on vacation with their husband AND lover, and then barely three months later is like, “oh, I’m estranged from him. A couple weeks counts as estranged, right?”