Idol Source: Simon and Ellen Hate Each Other

February 25, 2010 By:
Idol Source: Simon and Ellen Hate Each Other

We couldn’t help but notice that Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres have been situated as far away from each other on the judges’ panel on American Idol. And while Ellen joked that it was due to Simon’s “wandering hands,” we hear there’s more to it!

Idol sources tell TMZ that the two judges definitely don’t see eye to eye. Apparently Ellen is flabbergasted by Simon’s attitude towards the contestants. And we hear the more Ellen scoffs at him, the harsher he plans on being.

As one insider put it, "He was intentionally pushing her buttons."

Sources say the bad blood began when Simon showed up late for Ellen's first week of Idol taping and made her wait around. Producers decided to seat them apart from each other after that, but the tension has just gotten worse!

If you ask us, Simon looks miserable so far this season! It’s like he can’t wait for his contract to be up so he can focus on his new show, X Factor. But he should at least fake like he’s having a good time! It’s like pulling teeth to get him to watch the contestants’ performances!