Everyone Wants Simon Cowell's Job

January 14, 2010 By:
Everyone Wants Simon Cowell's Job

Now that Simon Cowell has announced he’s leaving American Idol after this season, celebrities are coming out of the woodwork expressing interest in the open judge’s chair.

Idol creator Simon Fuller says there’s been a global outpouring of interest in the position. He says, “A day doesn’t pass that I don’t get a call from an agent of a superstar saying, ‘Can we talk?’ … Everyone’s interested, and that’s going to go on month after month.”

Fuller does note that he’s in a perfect position to replace Simon, since he knows he can have the pick of the litter. “It’s a testament to it (‘Idol’) that we attracted someone as brilliant as Ellen. When we have to do something about Simon, I’ll be in the luxury position of looking at all the greatest stars of the world,” Fuller says. “We can do so much with it.”

The only person’s name we’ve heard through the grapevine who has expressed interest is comedienne Kathy Griffin. But show sources are reportedly already against it. ”With Ellen [DeGeneres] on board, adding another woman — and a comic at that — just wouldn’t work,” a show insider reveals. ”However, if Ellen would ever leave, then everything would be up for grabs anyway, and Kathy might have a shot.”

We agree that another male judge would work out better. Randy Jackson can’t be the only dawg on the judge’s table! Submit your ideas for Simon’s replacement below!