David Hasselhoff Takes Simon Cowell's Job

December 6, 2010 By:
David Hasselhoff Takes Simon Cowell's Job

There’s going to be one less hot mess in Hollywood, because David Hasselhoff is moving to London!

He’s reportedly taking over for Simon Cowell as the new judge on Britain’s Got Talent. There goes the credibility of that show! According to Popeater, the deal is done.

"David is super excited about the move," says an insider. "He's in London over the holidays going to theater and looking at apartments for when he moves full-time early next year."

I love that he was fired from America’s Got Talent for being a drunken slob kabob, and the Brits are like, “We don’t care! We’ll take him!”

I’m not surprised though—the Hoff has some weird cult following in Europe that no American could ever understand. He should have just gone straight to Germany’s Got Talent--he’s like their Brad Pitt over there.

"It's a brand-new start for David and he couldn't be more exited," a close friend of the actor says. "His new reality show on A&E is bound to be a hit and now he is returning to TV in the show that found Susan Boyle. What could be bigger than that?"

I could think of several things bigger—like, oh say, a real television show?! But hey, he’ll take what he can get at this point. At least the Hoff isn’t our problem for a little while!