Sightings From Hollyscoop Snoopers

December 22, 2006 By:
Sightings From Hollyscoop Snoopers

Angelina Jolie caused a paparazzi frenzy today as she was spotted shopping on Robertson Blvd. where photogs usually camp out. Angelina walked into Kitson kids and did a little holiday shopping for the Brangelina bunch.

Last night Britney Spears was partying at club Les Deux where she kept asking DJ StoneRokk to play her own songs. After many requests DJ Stone played "I'm A Slave" and followed it by "Cry Me A River" by her ex Justin Timberlake. Now that’s how Stone does it!

Actress Juliette Lewis was spotted shopping at the Yana K boutique on Melrose Ave. where she purchased a hot "Turtle Up Dress".

Lauren Conrad was spotted getting cozy with MTV's TwentyFourSeven stud Greg; something might be developing between these two.

Matthew Mcconaughey spotted last night at LAX airport heading into his first class flight on Qantas airlines. We hear Mathew is shooting a movie in Australia with Kate Hudson. The hottie will spend his Christmas with a family in Australia which he lived with when he did study abroad in college.

That’s the scoop from our Hollyscoop Snoopers!