Sienna's Ex Still Bitter About Breakup

July 13, 2008 By:
Sienna's Ex Still Bitter About Breakup

Sienna Miller's ex Rhys Ifans is lying through his teeth when he says he's over his very famous ex girlfriend. Based on the comments he's made about her in the press, it's safe to assume he's still pretty bitter about the breakup.

He tells Britain's The People newspaper, "I've forgotten about Sienna, trust me. F**k Sienna, I'm over it. I'm having a great time. I won't be going for any more wrong 'uns (ones) though.

"There aren't any other women at the moment, I'm not ready for all that again. I'm just having fun with my mates."

He adds, "Everyone thinks I am sad. I was, but I'm not anymore. I know people have been worried about me but there's no need, honestly. I'm fine."

While Rhys has been out getting boozed up with his pals, Sienna has already moved on--with a married man. Click HERE to see the first photos of Sienna and Balthazar Getty kissing while on holiday in Italy. Damn, that girl moves fast!