Sienna Talks About Her Breakup

June 18, 2008 By:
Sienna Talks About Her Breakup

Sienna Miller spoke about her breakup with Rhys Ifans in a recent interview, and we really hope Rhys doesn't catch wind of what she had to say!

Sienna told the reporter the two were never that serious. Well not according to Rhys!

He's apparently been acting like a zombie with his heart broken, and she seems to have moved on quickly.

Sienna said, "I really thought I was very ready to settle down, but then I realised I wanted to be selfish for just a little bit longer."

And as much as that sucks to hear from a girl you're in love with, at least she was honest with the guy. Better to have been upfront now than end in a messy divorce like most Hollywood couples! It's just weird how her feelings changed so suddenly. In the July issue of UK's Elle Magazine, Sienna was quoted saying, "When his name is mentioned, it makes me smile like a fool because I instantly think of him and it makes me happy," she said. "He does just make me happy." Talk about a change of heart!