Sienna Still In Love With Rhys

May 29, 2008 By:
Sienna Still In Love With Rhys

So we’re guessing those Sienna and Rhys breakup rumors were just rumors because Sienna Miller and her boyfriend Rhys Ifans are still definitely on. In fact, they are so on that all she did during a recent Elle interview is talk about her man.

"When his name is mentioned, it makes me smile like a fool because I instantly think of him and it makes me happy," she said in Elle U.K.'s July issue. "He does just make me happy."

Sienna mentioned that she goes weak for his cooking because he is great in the kitchen.
"[Rhys] is the best cook ever…His cooking completely reflects his personality; he does these mad, quirky dishes that taste completely wonderful, like carrots poached in mandarin juice."

"I totally love Rhys,” Miller said but she denied being engaged. "No ring," she insisted. "It's so embarrassing when these stories come out and your relationship has been somehow fast-forwarded. We both had our mums on the phone. It's just awkward. But I'm so happy with our relationship as it is."

So did you get it everybody?!? Sienna is very happy and she is in LOVE with her man so stop those breakup rumors!