Sienna Miller Wins Paparazzi Court Battle

November 21, 2008 By:
Sienna Miller Wins Paparazzi Court Battle

Sienna Miller has just won another court case against the paparazzi, whom she claims were ruining her life. After news broke of Sienna hooking up with married Balthazar Getty, she was followed day and night.

At a preliminary hearing in October, her lawyer told London's High Court that she had been relentlessly pursued by paparazzi since the end of June, and that it had continued despite her requests for them to stop.

Sienna also explained how she was chased while driving, confronted outside her house in London and at Heathrow airport on a number of occasions and followed as she attempted to walk her dogs in the park with her mother.

Well it all paid off! The photo agency is being forced to pay her $79,000 in damages. That’s on top of the $84,000 she made off the UK Tabloids for another case. That’s one way to make a living! Do you think it’s fair Sienna was awarded the money? Or is that too much of a settlement for someone who already makes millions on movies?