Sienna Miller The Homewrecker?

July 9, 2008 By:
Sienna Miller The Homewrecker?

As we had previously reported, British papers have been claiming that Sienna Miller is having an affair with the married Balthazar Getty.

His wife seems to believe it too, since she immediately escaped to Italy with the kids after hearing the news, and asked for a divorce.

So that led everyone to believe that Balthazar might want to clear up the rumors and join his wife in Italy. Wrong. He did fly to Italy, but decided to take a detour to the Amalfi Coast where he was spotted having dinner with none other than Sienna Miller!

Sources at the restaurant say they were being very rude, and Sienna kept smoking. Page Six reports that lawyer Salvatore Strazzullo and his wife, Jodie Fanelli, who were dining close to them, asked to be moved because of it. Both of their reps are naturally denying any sort of affair, but what do you think?