Sienna Miller Moving To The States

September 4, 2008 By:
Sienna Miller Moving To The States

Sienna Miller will be packing her bags and moving out of the UK in a bid to escape media attention over her affair with Balthazar Getty. Hope you're not planning on moving to L.A. Sienna, we're just as bad here.

Sienna's stepmother told Metro: "It's disgusting that she can not live in her own country.

"We try not to read the papers anymore. Now she's going to have to leave the country to get on with life. She can't live here now."

Last month some Sienna haters spray-painted the word "Slut" on the exterior of her house in North London. That may have been the last draw for Sienna.

If she's hoping for a easy ride here in L.A., she's wrong, the paps are even more aggressive here. Do you think Sienna is getting all the heat for her affair? Media outlets have basically left Balthazar Getty alone and continue to attack Sienna, mostly because no one actually cares about Getty, but still.