Sienna Miller Is Not Loved

September 17, 2008 By:
Sienna Miller Is Not Loved

It's safe to say that things have not been going so well for Sienna Miller these past few months. She has been labeled as a "slut" ever since she starting hooking up with her latest boyfriend Balthazar Getty who happens to be married. She has been getting a lot of heat for proudly parading him around everywhere. Not only has she been getting heat from the media but it seems like her biggest fans are losing respect for her as well.

The webmaster for is also giving up on Sienna Miller. She wrote a blog discussing how disappointed she is in the actress and how she is not the same girl we all basically fell in love with during her Alfie days.

Read the blog below:

"I cannot get past the fact that to me she has completely changed from the Sienna I became a fan of back in 2004 . . . when Sienna can cavort so publicly and so shamelessly with this man who is married and does have four children (including a baby) with his wife, my respect for her goes out of the window . . . topless on a beach with a married man - come on, Sienna, you know the paparazzi are going to be around."