Sienna Miller Is Bad at Resolutions

January 4, 2008 By:
Sienna Miller Is Bad at Resolutions

It's only the fourth day of the New Year and actress Sienna Miller has already failed at her New Years Resolution.

Sienna was going to give up smoking as her New Years resolution but she was less successful this year than ever before.

A source close to the star told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: 'Sienna makes the same promise every year and breaks the same promise every year. This year she's broken her record for her shortest ever time as a quitter, as she lasted less than 48 hours.

"She blames stress and needing something to do with her hands as the reasons she just can't kick the habit."

Meanwhile, reports are still circulating that Sienna's boyfriend Rhys proposed to her on her birthday just before the New Year. Sienna's rep has failed to comment so far. I'm hoping no news is good news because she's way too cute for him.