Sienna Miller Gets Air Bushed For A Movie

July 24, 2008 By:
Sienna Miller Gets Air Bushed For A Movie

We've heard of airbrushing, but can you believe air "bushing" is actually going on in Hollywood?

Sienna Miller shot a few scenes in upcoming movie Hippie Hippie, Shake, which is supposed to take place in the 60's.

Sienna, whom we've come to learn is a very selfish type of woman, obviously didn't do any research about the way women groomed back then. Catch our drift?

The bush was in back then! But Sienna showed up for her scenes looking like a 9 year-old girl! So in post, her area was digitally enhanced, giving her what insiders are calling a "rather unruly, loud, and proud bush."

We can't believe they gave her a merkin! If you're not familiar with the term, look it up. It really exists.