Sienna Miller Dating Married Man?

June 29, 2008 By:
Sienna Miller Dating Married Man?

Sienna Miller isn't wasting any time getting over her ex Rhys Ifans. According to the News of the World, Sienna is already dating another man, only problem is, he's married!

Sienna is reportedly dating oil heir and actor Balthazar Getty, who is married with four kids, after they were introduced by Sienna's Edge of Love co-star Matthew Rhys.

A source told the newspaper: "Sienna got to know Balthazar through Matthew and they hit it off. In the past three months they have grown incredibly close. Getty even secretly flew to London and Prague to be with Sienna to get to know her even better. And she's spent this week in a Hollywood house with him.

"Even though Balthazar loves his wife and children he cannot stay away from her. But Rosetta found out about them and has now fled to Italy. She can't believe her husband could do this to her. The whole family now know and everybody is devastated."

Sienna doesn't seem like the home wrecker type, so lets hope (for the kids sake) that this story is nothing but a rumor. But then again, she's hot, who would resist??