Sienna Miller Annoyed Of Media

August 26, 2008 By:
Sienna Miller Annoyed Of Media

Sienna Miller is sick and tired of the media and paparazzi that insist on following up on her daily life and she's speaking out about it.

Sienna has been getting a lot of heat for her relationship with Balthazar Getty, who is married with four children. Sienna has suffered a public breakdown and was targeted by some Sienna haters when someone spray painted the word "slut" on the wall of North London home.

"The biggest misconception of me in the press is that I'm a slut. Apparently I've slept with half of Hollywood," Sienna told S magazine.

"You say, 'Hi, nice to meet you': the next day in the papers you're pregnant with his child."

Oh sweetheart, you say more than Hi. The media wouldn't just label you a "slut" or a "homewrecker" for no good reason. You can spend your entire life building up an image and Hollywood will tear you down overnight. Note to the wise: Tinsel town isn't forgiving of "homewreckers." Do you think it's unfair how the media is portraying Sienna?