Sienna Miller & Tom Sturridge Are Engaged Now

January 6, 2012 By:
Sienna Miller & Tom Sturridge Are Engaged Now

Nothing like a fertilized egg to bring two people together. Sienna Miller and her brand new baby-daddy, Tom Sturridge, are expecting their first child in June. And to celebrate, they’ve gotten engaged in Paris.

A source tells Life & Style: "They're engaged and really happy. Her family is happy, as they absolutely adore Tom.”

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"He proposed to Sienna during their romantic trip to Paris after Christmas,” the source continues. Okay, who didn’t get engaged over Christmas?

Uh, Russell Brand and Katy Perry? Oh, right. I stand corrected. Also, why am I talking to myself right now?

“He filled their hotel suite at the Ritz with flowers and presented her with a vintage Victorian ring. It was incredibly romantic - she was blown away.”

Well, that’s cute. Sienna has had her share of rocky relationships, most famously, her long term one with Jude Law that didn’t work out because he was taking cues from Arnold and diddling the nanny.

"She finally found the love of her life in Tom and couldn't be happier. She trusts Tom and is herself with him,” the source added. “There's no drama between them - they're made for each other…”

And when it comes to motherhood, the friend says Sienna “can’t wait to be a mother. The couple are over the moon with the news of the pregnancy.”

The source added that Sienna’s friends were “not surprised by the news of the pregnancy.”

And Tom apparently has the seal of approval from Sienna’s circle. "Her friends are really happy with her relationship with Tom. He's younger, yes, but he's mature and he's a good guy - They're really good together."