Rhys Ifans Sings About Sienna

July 8, 2008 By:
Rhys Ifans Sings About Sienna

Rhys Ifans is obviously still heartbroken over his split with Sienna Miller. And while it seems she moved on quite quickly, Rhys has been having a harder time of it. But he's now channeling his sadness into music by singing with the band The Peth, and they're touring in North Wales.

Rhys has even written a song, called Stonefinger, which will be featured on the album, and is all about his ex. The lyrics go:

"Every little thing you said would break me. All of it came true. Every bit of love I give. You mock it. Yes you do. Come round tomorrow. Come around today. Smother the sunshine. Darken the day."

"Take me down to almost nothing. Take me all the way. Just another rusty write-off in a breakdown lane. It's the time to tow me away today."

Well he's definitely not over her, but at least he's turning his misery into a positive thing! Maybe he'll meet a nice groupie on the tour and they'll live happily ever after.