Report: Sienna Miller Lingerie Shopping With Balthazar

November 4, 2009 By:
Report: Sienna Miller Lingerie Shopping With Balthazar

We can’t keep up with this girl. Last week, rumors swirled that Sienna Miller had been going on secret dates with Jude Law. His rep was quick to shoot it down. But now there’s buzz about Sienna being spotted with yet another ex….or two.

The first report comes from Page Sox, who says she was spotted with her ex, DJ Slinky Wizard.

The source says the two were seen shopping for vintage (but never worn) underwear in SoHo at a store called Only Hearts on Mott Street yesterday.

"They seemed very much a couple," said our snitch. "George was talking about how he was excited about their plans for the night."

But Gawker says that mystery man was actually Balthazar Getty, also a Sienna ex! Their source has the exact story, just replaced with Bathazar.

To their defense, the two guys do look similar. Either way, it looks like Sienna is going back for seconds with an ex-boyfriend. Will she never learn?