Report: Sienna and Jude Moving in Together

December 14, 2009 By:
Report: Sienna and Jude Moving in Together

Sienna Miller and Jude Law can’t fool anybody. While they deny they’ve been seeing each other, several eyewitnesses have spotted them on dates around New York City. And now we hear the on-again couple is considering moving in together!

According to The Sun, Jude and Sienna have told friends they want to move into a house in London this spring.

A source said: "Last week they put the wheels in motion to live together again. They have told staff that they are in love and will be moving back to London in the spring and they will be living together as a couple once again."

The insider says Sienna has been the facilitator of them getting back together. "Jude was reluctant at first for anything to happen,” says the source. “But Sienna convinced him that she was still in love with him."

This has to be the worst idea we’ve heard in a while. Both Sienna and Jude can’t hold down a relationship for more than a few months. And the whole reason they broke up was because of his cheating! We hope one of them snaps out of it.