Shia's Crash To Be Written Into Transformers

August 1, 2008 By:
Shia's Crash To Be Written Into Transformers

Shia LaBeouf is lucky he's a huge star, and even more importantly, that he has the support of director Michael Bay.

Shia's DUI crash isn't going to slow down production of Transformers 2 as reported. It's going to be written into the movie!

Bay says in an interview with Access Hollywood that will air today, "His two fingers are pretty mashed, but we're figuring out a way to shoot around it, kind of write it in the story."

Bay also supports Shia when it comes to the crash. He insists that he wasn't drunk at the time. Bay says, "He was not drunk. He was drinking hours and hours before." He defends LaBeouf, insisting he has shown a lot of growth since they worked on the first Transformers movie, which was released in 2007.

He says, "The kid really has his head together. He's doing a great job on this movie. He's really matured since the last one and I love working with him."

Shia's lucky he has a support system behind him, but hopefully he's learned something from this incident and will be a little more careful in the future.