Shia LeBeouf Thought He'd Get Cut From Transformers

May 22, 2008 By:
Shia LeBeouf Thought He'd Get Cut From Transformers

Shia LeBeouf needs a little confidence booster! He says when Steven Spielberg called him to do Indiana Jones, he thought he was getting cut out of Transformers.

He says, I had just finished making Transformers. On a Monday, I got a call: ''Steven wants to meet with you at his office on Thursday regarding a movie he's gonna be making.'' Now, anybody who follows film follows Steven, and what he's doing and what's next. The problem is, at that time, Steven was working on about 16 different movies. So I went to Amblin, and I came into his office. I had started to think maybe I was going to the principal's office.

Like that Steven was going to say, ''Listen, we just saw all the Transformers footage, and we're in the midst of cutting you out of the film. And we just wanted to express our thanks for your hard work and efforts.''

But what Steven really wanted was to ask Shia if he would be a part of Indiana Jones. Shia said he felt like he was going to cry and started pacing around the office, and Steven said, "I guess that means yes."