Shia LaBeouf Hires Driver

March 5, 2009 By:
Shia LaBeouf Hires Driver

Shia LaBeouf still isn't allowed to get behind the wheel of a car--which can be gruesome in a town like LA. So he's been left with no choice but to hire a full time driver.

He was cleared of DUI charges by the Los Angeles County District Attorney, but was handed a year-long driving ban in January after refusing to undergo "chemical tests" during his July 2008 car accident.

Tired of taking taxi's, Shia has finally hired himself a full time driver to chauffeur him around town. But he's not happy about it!

A source tells Star magazine, "Shia doesn't like the idea of having a full time driver, so he sits in the passenger seat. Shia also insisted that his chauffeur wear street clothes instead of a uniform."

Who wouldn't love being driven around town? Especially in LA! It takes 25 minutes to drive 5 miles, and it's even worse during rush hour. Having a driver doesn't seem all that bad.