Shia Labeouf Gets in Another Bar Fight

October 18, 2011 By:
Shia Labeouf Gets in Another Bar Fight

He must be really desperate to shed his Disney Channel image. It’s okay Shia, “Even Stevens” was like 100 years ago.

Shia Labeouf got into a bar fight in Vancouver, Canada on Friday night. The actor has been in town for several weeks to film his new movie, “The Company You Keep” and it looks like Shia has been keeping company with some shady shirtless dude named “Mike” who likes to throw punches at drunken actors.

Shia apparently went to the Cinema Public House bar alone, the same bar he’s been frequenting often while filming the movie. According to eyewitnesses he began to get into a brawl inside the bar with some of the patrons. Eventually Shia and this dude named “Mike” got kicked out by the bar’s security sometime around 12:30 am on Friday (10.14.2011)

Then Shia, who is totally intoxicated, tried to calm down by waiting for a taxi when this Mike guy took off his shirt, which was completely unnecessary, and started throwing punches at Shia effectively knocking Shia to the ground. And TMZ got the whole thing on camera, check out the video below.

“He got into a confrontation with a couple of people. He took a few punches to the face. He was obviously pretty intoxicated,” an eyewitness told Radaronline.

Why Shia continues to get into fights is beyond me. What’s he trying to prove? He already said he banged Megan Fox, that in itself is like enough badass fuel for several years.

Back to the fight. After Mike threw Shia to the ground some citizen hero-type guys came to Shia’s rescue and tried to calm him down, they literally had to restrain him. However, Shia tried to fight these guys too. But since Shia is like what, 120 lbs maybe 5’5” max? The average 5th grader could win in a fight against Labeouf.

This isn’t Shia’s first drunken altercation. In August, Shia was out in Hollywood with his girlfriend Karolyn Pho and Marilyn Manson (Yeah, I did a double-take too. Marilyn Manson? Again with the needing to prove himself thing) when Shia started shouting and punching his way out of the bar.

“Shia started shouting at his date and getting visibly angry,” a source told Life & Style.

Then back in February, Shia was handcuffed outside the Mad Bull’s Tavern in Los Angeles when some drunk guy at the bar called him a “f-cking f-aggot.” Shia tried to dismiss that night as nothing, “Some guys instigated me and that’s what it was. It was name calling,” says Shia, “I didn’t know them. It was just an awkward situation. I’m not trying to challenge anybody either.”

Well apparently Shia did try to challenge the guy, because Shia ended up in a headlock by the bar’s security guard and handed over to police officers.

You don’t end up in a headlock by innocently smoking a cigarette. Is that a cigarette? Not in my bar! Get into this headlock?!

However, no charges were pressed and no one was arrested.

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