Pieces From Shia's Car Crash On eBay

July 31, 2008 By:
Pieces From Shia's Car Crash On eBay

When you think of buying and selling on eBay, you think collector's items, maybe a phone, a handbag, but would you buy a car part that's just been in an accident? What if it was a celebrity? Still haven't sold ya??

Well, some idiot out there is trying to cash in on Shia LaBeouf's car crash he got into over the weekend. He was there at the time of the crash, and ran in to collect broken glass and pieces from Shia's truck.

He ad reads:

"This is your chance to own a piece of Hollywood History... Own a piece of his shame. I just happen to live a few blocks from the crash site and collected some leftover souvenirs. The debris was collected afterwards and was in the public domain on the street. It's legal."

Hollywood history?? This person is certifiably insane. He's right up there with the couple that put their baby on eBay.