Celebs Who Are So Over Hollywood

February 24, 2014 By:
Celebs Who Are So Over Hollywood
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We can’t imagine anyone NOT wanting to be famous. C’mon, you have like a zillion Instagram followers, all the money and all the fame. The only things you’re lacking are privacy, safety, a personal life, normalcy…

Okay, we get it.

And that’s why these famous faces have turned their back on the Hollywood machine and gave a big old SCREW YOU to the bright lights that made them famous in the first place.  

Shia LaBeouf, Alec Baldwin, Marlon Brando and Joaquin Phoenix (to name a few) all publicly rejected Hollywood in a big way, essentially saying, “I don’t want to be famous anymore.”

Some were successful when transitioning out of the spotlight, some faced a HUGE backlash, some rejected Hollywood and then came crawling back years later.

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