Bid On Shia LaBeouf's Undies!

May 29, 2008 By:
Bid On Shia LaBeouf's Undies!

A lot of celebrities have stalkers, but this is borderline creepy! Someone just put Shia Labeouf's underwear on eBay to make a buck off of. Now that's desperate! You have to be pretty hard up for cash to try and convince people on the internet to buy underwear someone has worn, famous or not. And the best part is that they're asking $400 for them. Here's what the seller wrote:


PLEASE NOTE: COSTUME IS "AS IS" WHICH INCLUDES MAKEUP STAINS, DIRT; ETC! (Again, these items was worn and used for filming by Shia)

This costume was worn by Shia in the film, "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints".

You receive, a pair of grey sweatpants, a pair of white breifs and ankle socks. Each items is tagged "YD" (meaning: the character Young Dito as played by Shia in the film)!

This item comes with a letter of authenticity from First Look Media and an explanation of it's donation to Actor's Equity! It is noted by First Look that this item is "one of a kind" ...and indeed it is!

Gross! We'd love to see who actually places a bid!