Sheryl Crow Supports Barack Obama

April 23, 2008 By:
Sheryl Crow Supports Barack Obama

Sheryl Crow is on board as a Barack Obama supporter. Now all she needs to do is learn how to spell his name. There's a "c" in his name! Here's what she wrote about the candidate in her most recent blog:

"I am proud to support Barak in his desire and mission to see America return to her greatness. I have carefully watched, like everyone else, the
campaigns of both the democrats, as well as the republican candidate, and I could safely say that only one candidate is speaking to the beliefs I feel this country was founded on.

"I believe, like Barak, that we can change our future, but not by repeating
our history. …And, I will not be deterred in my support of Barak because of ad campaigns that are meant to incite fear in us where our security is
concerned, when the candidate running the ad voted to take us into war."