Sherri Shepherd Takes Legal Action Against Twitter Threat

June 8, 2012 By:
Sherri Shepherd Takes Legal Action Against Twitter Threat

Sherri Shepherd is done messing around…

“The View” host got quite an unpleasant surprise when she logged on to Twitter on June 6. A user by the handle of @DaCloneKiller sent her a disturbing rape threat.

Sherri retweeted, “@DaCloneKiller: somebody should drag u in a back alley and rape you WHO DO I REPORT THIS TWEET TO? THIS IS A THREAT & I'M PISSED.”

She has since figured it out, though. According to her Twitter feed, action has been taken to locate the culprit. Sherri filed a police report the same day. As a result, Twitter has been subpoenaed for the release of the threat-giver’s information.

But this wasn’t all before she went on in a “View-like" tirade of condemnation on cyber-bullying as a whole.

“This type of bullying is one of the reasons children are killing themselves b/c there's no consequences for the bully(s),” she tweeted.

She even took the time to bash Twitter.

“This online bullying nonsense has got to stop... I need #Twitter to step up. For someone to say I need to be raped... Really?” she said.

Twitter’s help center states that they will investigate threats but cannot work with the police. That said, they do recommend not continuing to engage with bullies:

“If you are receiving unwanted communications from a bully, we generally recommend that you block the user and end any communication. Ending communication with bullies shows them that you are not willing to engage with them.”

But I don’t think Sherri got the memo.

“I'm about to tweet all @DaCloneKiller's followers ... I'm looking for him/her,” she tweeted.