'TRESemmé Style Setters' Explores NY Fashion Week

March 19, 2013 By:
'TRESemmé Style Setters' Explores NY Fashion Week


The phrase “Mercedes Benz Fashion Week” usually conjures up images of a glossy far-off world full of 6ft tall models and styles we could never pull off.

Or, you can go behind the scenes at the season’s hottest shows with TRESemmé Style Setters exclusive webseries hosted by “90210” actress Shenae Grimes and get the same hairstyles as the runway royalty.

In this week’s episode’s Shenae shows us how hair and fashion come together on the runway in Tracy Reese’s show, with some help from TRESemmé lead stylist Jeanie Syfu.

Tracy’s models are rocking hairstyles that she calls, “the New York Girl.”

She wanted hair that screams, “the girl who goes out at night, she’s a busy girl, running around from a party to a job and she’s coming home at dawn. That’s the end of her day.”

Jeanie interpreted that aesthetic in a hair design she calls, “straight but with texture,” but saying, “we didn’t want it to look too retro, it’s just a slight lift.”

The result is an updated version of the bouffant, with a slightly deflated bump.

The secret weapon to getting this look is TRESemmé Color Care Fresh Start Dry Shampoo.

Check out more behind the scenes action by visiting the official TRESemmé YouTube Channel.