Red Carpet Skippers and Snubs: I Heart Ronson Edition

May 5, 2010 By:
Red Carpet Skippers and Snubs: I Heart Ronson Edition

Being a reporter on a red carpet isn’t as easy as one might think. As a red carpet reporter, you always have to be on toes to snag those celebs. Because trust us, sometimes they don’t want to talk. We try our damndest to get at least one answer from everyone, but sometimes we get snubbed. And now we’re outing our red carpet skippers and snubbers!

Last night, Hollyscoop covered the “I Heart Ronson” event at the Milk Studios in Hollywood. It was to celebrate the launch of Charlotte Ronson’s rocker t-shirt line for J.C. Penny. Or in other words, another excuse to party.

Charlotte's publicist was one inch out of frame to make sure we didn’t ask any questions about Lindsay Lohan. We tried, and were shut down, as were several other outlets.

After Charlotte came a few more celebs on the carpet, mostly ones who had a new project to promote, like the adorable Gregory Michael from ABC Family’s Greek and the beautiful Marisa Miller, who graciously talked to Hollyscoop about getting that gorgeous beach body, and other cool stuff she’s working on.

But for every cool celeb willing to do a little press before they go in and drink for free all night and get a free giftbag, there are the snubbers. First one was Brittany Snow. We asked for two minutes to get her answers for an upcoming style segment, and she glanced our way and said, “Uh, no.” This was right after we overheard her saying she “couldn’t remember” the names of her co-stars in an upcoming pilot she was in. Just weird.

Second “dis” was another too-cool starlet, Shenae Grimes. Sorry, but is there a clause that says if you star on a TV show you don’t do press anymore?? Because her really nice 90210 co-star Jessica Lowndes had plenty of time to talk to us all about her upcoming album she’s releasing!

Now for the skippers. Eventually we found out, after about 2 hours of waiting, that Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and Samantha Ronson all skipped red carpet to go straight into the party. We expected it from Nicole and Sam, since we clearly would have ambushed them and asked tons of Lindsay Lohan questions. But Paris?! Come on, girl! Oh, well, at least we got an exclusive with Nicky about who she wants Paris to date next!

That’s all for this edition of Hollyscoop’s Red Carpet Skippers and Snubs: I Heart Ronson Edition. Until the next red carpet!