Shayne Lamas: I've Been Hard on Myself Since DUI

November 23, 2009 By:
Shayne Lamas: I've Been Hard on Myself Since DUI

Shayne Lamas was arrested for suspicion of DUI on November 14th and although it's only been a week, she says she's been really hard on herself since the incident.

Shayne talked to Hollyscoop exclusively about the arrest at the American Music Awards on Sunday and wants fans to know how regretful she is and even has some words of wisdom for everyone.

"I’ve been pretty hard on myself the last week or so, Shayne told Hollyscoop. "I think this is my first event out that I'm giving myself…but you know I'm getting through it."

Shayne admits that her family was also disappointed in her, but they're trying to stand by her during this difficult time. "I don’t necessarily have support from my family but they have my back as far as what I'm going through," Shayne told Hollyscoop.

Shayne was busted after she willingly drove through a mandatory checkpoint on her way home last Saturday night. She says she had only had one drink so she had "complete confidence of passing."

"I think everyone needs to know that one drink is one too many," Shayne told Hollyscoop hoping that fans will learn from her mistake.

"I had one drink, I drove through a check stop I told the officer I had one drink and then he asks you to step out of the car and it goes from there. I would never drive wasted obviously…you should never drive and drink! If the officer goes 'have you had anything to drink' you're not gonna lie, you're gonna say 'yes' and then you're guilty," she added.

"At dinner I have a glass of wine with celebration all the time, now if I have a sip of wine I'm not touching those keys, you will not see me," Shayne added.

We have to commend her for stopping at a sobriety check to get tested. If she hadn't and caused harm to herself and or someone else, that's a incident that she would possibly never get over.