Shawn Johnson Gets New Partner and Perfect Score: DWTS Recap

November 6, 2012 By:
Shawn Johnson Gets New Partner and Perfect Score: DWTS Recap

After last week’s shocking elimination on “Dancing With The Stars” that sent awesome dancer Sabrina Bryan packing, nobody felt safe this week! Or that’s what the voice-over at the start of the show lead me to believe.

However, thanks to tonight’s election, there would be NO elimination episode this week, but there will be a DOUBLE elimination next week! This show is SO dramatic!

The theme of this week was fusion-themed, which meant they had to combine two styles of dance and it confused everyone! Wait, paso doble AND cha cha cha!? NO WAY!

Here are all the dances in order of best to worst.

Shawn Johnson: Shawn’s partner Derek was injured, which sucked for all us ladies watching at home, because uh duh, have you seen his face and his abs? So she partnered with Mark Ballas, anyways, Shawn did a tango-paso doble and got a perfect score of 30!

Melissa Rycroft: Every week I forget who Melissa Rycroft is, but she’s not terrible at dancing. She did a tango+cha cha and got 29 points. Well played.

Gilles Marini: This sexy man did a tango+samba and like usual, wowed the judges and the crowd with his sexy hip action. He got 28.5 points.

Emmitt Smith: Emmitt did a samba+rumba, but I was totally distracted by his hot pink ensemble. Must they put the men in such ridiculous outfits each week? Carrie Ann did not like the dance, but he ended up with 27.5 points.

Apolo Ohno: Apolo used to be amazing, but it slowly slipping into “decent” territory. Also, Carrie Ann (who has a big crush on Apolo) just renamed him Oh-Yes. Oi vey. He got 27 points.

Kelly Monaco: This couple is falling more and more in love with each other and did a cha cha-fox trot that ended in a marriage proposal. Seriously? Seriously. They scored 27 points.

Kirstie Alley: Still wondering how Kirstie Alley is STILL on the show. She delivered a very mediocre quickstep-samba combo that only scored 24 points.

Then the group did a swing dance marathon, where they had to freestyle swing dance for FOUR WHOLE MINUTES a very difficult task for everyone involved, apparently.

“Dancing With The Stars” returns next week.