Sabrina Bryan Topped 'Dancing With the Stars' Last Night

October 24, 2012 By:
Sabrina Bryan Topped 'Dancing With the Stars' Last Night

Everything changed last night on ‘Dancing With the Stars!’ As the follow up to Monday night’s hour-show, where half the contestants performed routines and the other half did a group dance, the remaining dancers took their turn on the dance floor.

Shawn Johnson wasn’t the best last night, Sabrina Bryan stopped being average and Apolo Ohno wasn’t swaggy as usual.

Here’s the breakdown:

Melissa Rycroft was still recovering from her neck injury this weekend, which is basically the bread-and-butter of this show (i.e. injure the contestants and then blame it when they don’t score a 9).

She did a tango to “Toxic” by Britney Spears which was praised by the judges for being “intoxicating,” “crisp,” and “sharp.” The judges could have also been describing a great chardonnay, but I can’t be sure.

Melissa got 27 points.

Shawn Johnson did a rumba to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” which is a weird song choice and the judges didn’t like it.

“There was no hip action,” lamented Len.

Shawn dropped from her usually perfect scores to a 27-point routine last night.

Apolo Ohno did a high-energy samba to Rick James’s “Give It to Me” and got 27 points, but Carrie Ann was not a fan, “It’s good, but it’s not where Apolo should be, I think.”

However, the night was saved by Sabrina Bryan’s Cinderella-themed waltz to “This Is Love,” which Carrie Ann told her, “I think you’re in for a happy ending.”

Gah, the word-play on this show is insufferable.

But whatever, everyone loved the dance, she scored 29 points.

Then, the previous nights dancers did a group routine to “Gangnam Style” and it was ridiculous.

The dancers started off in brightly colored suits but then stripped down to skimpy outfits. The choreography was messy and all over the place.

Carrie Ann said, “You guys are a hot mess….Crazy, fun, insanity.”

This weeks scores will be added to next Monday’s scores for the elimination episode. Dun dun dunnnnn.