Lorenzo Lamas: I Have to Talk to the Girls About Shauna's Sex Tape

October 14, 2009 By:
Lorenzo Lamas: I Have to Talk to the Girls About Shauna's Sex Tape

Leaking your own sex tape for profit in Hollywood has become as common as botox. We all know a couple of reality show stars that made it to the top thanks to their sex tapes (we won't name names) and Shauna Sand is hoping to become one of them.

Aside from a bad divorce from Lorenzo Lamas, the only thing Shauna is famous for is her revealing outfits and stripper heels. But thanks to her new sex tape, she's about to get an additional 15 minutes of fame.

The raunchy tape features Shauna in some um...compromising positions with her French boyfriend Antoine, whom she met earlier this year in Miami.

Shauna's ex husband Romain Chavent admits that Shauna is staying mum on the subject and in fact, he didn't even know about the sex tape until this week.

"She has not answered my calls about it. When I saw her I did not know about the story," Romain told Hollyscoop at the Fox Reality Really Awards on Tuesday night.

"I think she is busy with it, talking to a lawyer," he said. "I want to see it," he added.

Shauna is now "trying to block" the release of the sex tape, but we all know better than that. How convenient. that her tape was leaked the same week that her ex husband's reality show debuted.

Shauna can pretend she's upset about the leaking of her sex tape, but we're not buying it. She did confess that she has several sex tapes lingering around, so how could she be upset about one of them going public?

One person that is clearly upset about the raunchy tape is her ex husband Lorenzo Lamas, who now has to explain to his daughters why mommy is doing the dirty to another man on camera.

Lorenzo talked to Hollyscoop Tuesday night at the Fox Reality Really Awards in Los Angeles, and needless to say, he isn't thrilled about the sex tape.

"I don’t feel great about it. The children are too young to understand it," Lorenzo told Hollyscoop exclusively, but added that "if they have any question I will talk to them about it."

He admitted that he's been in contact with her since the tape was leaked, but his children are his only priority right now.

What are your thoughts on the Shauna Sand sex tape? Did she leak the tape herself? And what advice would you give to Lorenzo to give to their children?