Sharon Stone Movies Banned In China

May 28, 2008 By:
Sharon Stone Movies Banned In China

Sharon Stone
really shot herself in the foot when she made the stupid

comment blaming
“KARMA” for the earthquake in China that has claimed about 67,000 innocent lives.

You can’t just make those comments and expect to get away with it. There are always consequences and in Sharon’s case it might actually be her career. The founder of one of the biggest cinema chains, UME Cineplex has said that Sharon Stone films will no longer be played in his theatres in China and Hong Kong.

It doesn’t end there! Rumor has it that the Chinese PR company for Christina Dior will stop using Sharon Stone to promote their cosmetics. All Sharon Stone advertisements that show her picture have since been removed in Beijing department stores.

Sharon Stone should have just kept her mouth shut. What gave her the right to say that all those innocent people lost their lives to a natural disaster because of KARMA?!?

See the video below: