Sharon Stone Dating Women Now?

January 11, 2008 By:
Sharon Stone Dating Women Now?

File this one under 'Strangest Story of the Year.' Apparently actress Sharon Stone is so fed up with men she's tempted to start dating women instead.

Stone claims that men "aren't masculine enough" any more and is considering dating a woman for a change. I'm assuming she would want a butch chick, right?

She says, "Everybody is bisexual to an extent. Now men act like women and it's difficult to have a relationship because I like men in that old-fashioned way. I like masculinity and, in truth, only women do that now."

"If you go on a date with a woman, they call and say, 'I'm going to pick you up at seven.' They take you somewhere great and you can dress like a chick."

Has Sharon Stone finally gone off the deep end? How do you just wake up one morning and say, "I think I'll try dating women now"? It's like that SATC episode when Samantha was a lesbian for like 3 episodes---so random!