Diane Kruger Almost Killed Sharon Stone

June 17, 2010 By:
Diane Kruger Almost Killed Sharon Stone

The headline says it all. Diane Kruger really did almost kill Sharon Stone!

Diane almost ran over Sharon with an electronic two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle once at a charity event, but luckily Sharon was a few inches off.

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She explained: "I was at this auction last year for amfAR - a foundation for AIDS research - and Sharon Stone was hosting. Josh and I were supposed to auction off a Segway. And for some reason I decided to get on it, wearing really high heels. I was totally off balance, and I nearly killed Sharon Stone.

"I'm not kidding. I ran over the train of her dress, and she stumbled and almost fell off the stage. Josh had to pull me off. I could see the headlines, 'Diane Kruger kills Sharon Stone'."

That would have been an interesting week! From amfAR to the hospital to a funeral. Phew, luckily Sharon's dress was the only one hurt in the incident.