Sharon Stone Selling $9 Million Beverly Hills Mansion

September 28, 2011 By:
Sharon Stone Selling $9 Million Beverly Hills Mansion

Sharon Stone is selling her Beverly Hills home, and I use the word "home" loosely. This place is more like a damn paradise.

Stone's mansion sprawls across 4.85 acres in the hills, has a 14-car garage and includes 5 bedrooms. Oh, do you need more bedrooms? Because there's 2 more in the guest house. This place has so many bedrooms, even the bedrooms have bedrooms.

There's a total of 8.5 bathrooms. So, no matter where you are, take solace. There's probably an open toilet nearby.

The guest house isn't even a normal house. It has a state-of-the art media room and a gym. There's a backyard with built-in barbecue, swimming pool and spa. If that's not enough, there's a lighted tennis court. Your friends can watch you play from the viewing pavilion. Yes, I said viewing pavilion. I don’t know what kind of person has their friends come over to watch them play tennis. I guess the kind that would have a viewing pavilion.

And if you just get too stressed out from swimming and looking at views of the hills, don’t worry. There's a zen meditation garden that has it's own trail, lined with bridges and waterfalls. I'm pretty sure there's a map to go with it.

You'll also have celebrity neighbors. Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart, Taylor Swift and Jesse Metcalf are right down the street. Just don’t let your dog poop on Taylor Swift's lawn, because she'll probably write a song about it.

Stone has owned the place since 1995, and originally listed in December of 2006. She's gone back and forth with listening it, lowering the price substantially, as it was priced at $11,500,000 million in 2007.

Sharon doesn’t live in the home as of now, though. But don’t worry, she's not slumming it in Holllywood. She's got a backup mansion she's been staying in. Stone recently heard suspicious noises in her current home in the middle of the night and called the police, according to TMZ. At 2 a.m., Stone was concerned someone had broken into her home. After police arrived, there was no intruder nor was there any sign of a break-in. I would suggest a haunting, but Sharon Stone being bat sh-t crazy sounds likely, too.

Actually, Sharon has had her share of stalkers and overzealous fans, so that's probably a big concern for her. But it's not 1992 anymore, either.